Life Lessons from 40 Trips Around the Sun

  1. Love has no boundaries.
  2. In the darkest of times, I can still go out into the world and find something of exquisite beauty. Darkness will continually cast shadows, but sooner or later, the sun will always make an appearance and shine its light.
  3. I am in charge of my own happiness. I create the life I want to live.
  4. Take time to really listen and be there for the people you love… whether it is your friends, lovers or even strangers. Everyone needs to be heard.
  5. I knew from an early age that the road I would travel would not conform in time or space to that of convention. Acceptance of what is has afforded me great freedom in living life on my own terms.
  6. I pay serious attention to my instincts.
  7. I have never ever allowed for anyone else to restrain my dreams and desires based on their limited views of “reality” or how life ought to be lived.
  8. Fear is the one limiting factor in our own life’s experience and finding a way to push through has allowed for me to wander the world and taste, see and feel as much as possible.
  9. Every door that has painfully been slammed in my face, has ultimately forced me in a new direction and created room for me to be invited into something new and brilliantly more favorable than I could have imagined.
  10. You can’t have something if you don’t ask for it.
  11. It is important to open the heart and mind to everything life has to offer. For you never know when that one thing you keep saying no to could be the best thing that ever happens to you.
  12. Take time off. Go on a quest. Go wander the world. Open my eyes. Make my own rules.
  13. My world is a reflection of my Self. If all I ever saw was misery, pain, toxic relationships, war and ugliness, I would never get out of bed. Instead, I choose to move toward love and humanity for all living beings and be of service where I can.
  14. Be humble. Never believe that I am better or smarter than anyone else or that I deserve more or that I am always right. That is how I lose every time.
  15. Everyone is our teacher. We have something to learn from everyone. Whether it is something useful to enhance your perspective or it is useless and solidifies your opinion about something, make an effort to be empathetic to other people’s points of view.
  16. In order to be my best for someone else, I must also be my best for myself.
  17. It isn’t all about me. It is about the collective. It is about community.
  18. Be humble. Be grateful. Be kind. Be love.
  19. Do not be rigid in dogma, opinion, extreme in religion, politics or life.
  20. Forgiveness can’t come until I mourn what I think I have lost. Forgiveness must come from the soul.
  21. It’s ok to get goddamn good and angry sometimes. Pain always needs to find a way out.
  22. Live in integrity. Be honest. Be truthful. Be Loyal.
  23. Take responsibility for my own actions and words.
  24. I have found that one of the secrets to a healthy relationship is accepting my partner right where they are. Not hoping and wishing that one day they would meet some expectation I have to be anything other than who they are. I wake up every morning and take time to breathe in the beauty and appreciation I feel for that person lying right by my side. There must be symbiosis in finding someone who loves to be out in the world with me. To be free and malleable to whatever comes… a breathing together and moving like water.
  25. Cultivate infectious joy. Happiness is truly contagious. Be a love ninja and shine the brightness on someone’s day. You never know what it might do for them.
  26. Hug everyone. Give them a really good squeeze. It will either freak their comfort zone right out or they will relax into it and be my friend for life.
  27. Do not make promises I do not intend to keep.
  28. When I do not know the way forward, I sit and wait for the answers to reveal themselves. I listen to that inner voice that will always guide me in the right direction.
  29. Be generous with my time and with my offerings.
  30. Love myself. Love all of my flaws, aging gifts, beauty and peculiarities. Be aware of the language I use to speak about myself.
  31. Don’t pay attention to reality tv, gossip and fashion magazines, ridiculous news and other crap that completely distort reality.
  32. Don’t compare myself to others or seek what they have.
  33. Continually be happy for other’s joy, fortune and love. Do not envy.
  34. Everything changes.
  35. Tomorrow is not promised today. Live for now, not hoarding everything with the hope that you will one day get to it. All we have is this very moment.
  36. There is beauty everywhere. Open your eyes and take it all in.
  37. Self-awareness and mindfulness. How valuable that has been.
  38. Respect and honor everyone and everything.
  39. Tread lightly on the earth, for we leave this environment and earth to our children and their children.
  40. Regret nothing… unless of course my actions have caused harm.

*I respectfully reserve the right to add to this list.


2 thoughts on “Life Lessons from 40 Trips Around the Sun

  1. I love all of it. perfection.and this:
    ‘In order to be my best for someone else, I must also be my best for myself.’ thank you dear one. here’s to many many many more trips around the sun with you. x

  2. Bill says:

    Wow! You are good. In an poetic way and still able to get your message across. My own message is a bit more direct and to the point and doesn’t glide over all the landscape the way your’s does. Bill

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