Be A Love Ninja

This story begins with a girl who suffered a broken heart. It was death, it was grief, it was loss, it was life.

And for many years, she could not shake the sadness. Neither her friends nor her loved ones could help resuscitate her from the drowning sorrow in which she grieved.

But one day, in the depths of her melancholy and despair, while aimlessly meandering the city streets, she stumbled across a wall spray painted with the words “Don’t Give Up.”

In reading those words, something suddenly shifted in her. She felt loved. And she felt hope.

This girl experienced an incredible potion of love from people with no face and no name. The kind of people whose silent stealth left no marker and no return address for a thank you note. A faceless stranger had provided her with a gift so small and unexpected that it began to carry her through her darkest of days.

In her awakening, she desired to live passionately and creatively, love fully, experience connection and risk everything for LOVE.

And thus, the BE A LOVE NINJA community project was born.

Be Love. A Love Ninja

Be Love. A Love Ninja

The Be a Love Ninja project aims to pay love forward, ninja style. Currently, the project has been making appearances in local Houston yoga studios, with the latest one being unveiled at the Yoga Institute on Valentine’s Day. Anyone can participate in the project at any time, by creating an anonymous message with a post-it note, chalk on a sidewalk, poetry to someone sitting in a coffee shop, at the grocery store, or any kind of art your heart desires. It can be taken into the schools as a project to teach kids about compassion. Take a photo of your be a love ninja project and post it on instagram with the hashtag #bealoveninja or post it on the facebook page BEaLOVEninja.

Each of us has the power to affect another by simply living a life of love. A smile, a kind word, a hug, or any gesture that allows another person to know that they are not alone and that they are love and are loved.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. ~ Gandhi

Pay love forward. Come be a love ninja. Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥