Wild Rose – A Home Away From Home

A small, peaceful and magical world exists inside the Wild Rose studio. It is Eden in a hidden cave. A familiar and enticing scent beckons me as I ride up to the beauty that invites me in. A little jungle paradise captures my eye and I am drawn toward the crimson umbrella tilted slightly over the Thai chair sitting in the garden. Throughout my weeks in Chiang Mai, this view has stolen my attention many times during my practice.


As I walk down the long, dark corridor softly lit by candlelight and enter the sitting room, my eyes grow wide at the exquisite beauty of the space. The actual studio is reminiscent of a tree house sitting high up in a rainforest canopy. The room is made of dark wood, with an open door out to the garden and windows all the way around dressed in iron artistry. Glowing string lights hang carefully around the walls creating an ambient and meditative surrounding. During a practice, the wind blows gently through the palm trees and into the studio providing pleasant relief from the heat.


Every detail of this studio is purposefully chosen and placed with intention and love. At each corner, a treasure of different Thai flowers pools around some small relic. Jasmine leis drape over a statue of Buddha, marigold surrounds Ganesha, a lotus blossom sits in a palm leaf, votive lights of varying colors hang off the walls and daily thought provoking quotes color a small black board.



A tremendous amount of creative brilliance goes into effectuating this welcoming yoga studio. And all of this effort and love is courtesy of the owner of Wild Rose. Aptly named, Rose is a fiery and passionate bundle of magnetic energy. She moves with an organic fluidity, reminiscent of a dancer who intuitively and gracefully gives breath to the art of the dance. I loved her immediately. Even before I arrived in Thailand, I found myself drawn to her sensitive and soulful online posts. The kind of posts that speak the same music as my heart.

Rose creates the magic for the studio, but leaves the teaching to others. A host of teachers, both local and international utilize the space to teach a variety of different classes from Vinyasa, Yin, Anusara and Ashtanga to Mandala flow and even Acro. There is a Tukke Gecko that frequents the studio. I am not sure anyone has ever seen it. But if the practice is a good one, the Gecko will vocalize its approval by letting out a loud call while we are in savasana. It is rather remarkable that I heard the Gecko Ghost in savasana several times over the course of my weeks at Wild Rose.

Wild Rose also has a sauna. They call it steam and beam. I didn’t understand the beam reference until I participated in it. Rose creates the most amazing body scrub made of exotic dark chocolate cocoa powder, cacao beans, Himalayan sea salts, ground rice and some other delicious ingredients. Her belief is that you shouldn’t put anything on your body that you can’t put in your body. The scrub is scrumptious. The ritual is to go into the sauna that has been laced with some brilliant essential oils that when breathed in, open the sinuses and clear the lungs beautifully. I stayed in for as long as I could possibly stand the heat and then sat for awhile rehydrating. I then rubbed the scrub all over my body before diving back into the sauna. And then, after I left the sauna, I rinsed the scrub off and the results were silky, soft and beaming skin. It was a decadent experience, one I would be happy to repeat again in the future.

Like me, most of the students who come through Wild Rose are from some other place. They are here to stay, to study or are on a meandering path. Everyone who enters the studio is drawn to the practice and the family created by Rose. The Wild Rose Global Family, is a home away from home and once you are invited in to the fold, forever you shall remain.

There is a Rumi quote that Rose and I both love. Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do. One only needs to venture into the studio and meet Rose once to know that she truly follows the path of her heart.



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