Wild Rose – A Home Away From Home

A small, peaceful and magical world exists inside the Wild Rose studio. It is Eden in a hidden cave. A familiar and enticing scent beckons me as I ride up to the beauty that invites me in. A little jungle paradise captures my eye and I am drawn toward the crimson umbrella tilted slightly over the Thai chair sitting in the garden. Throughout my weeks in Chiang Mai, this view has stolen my attention many times during my practice.


As I walk down the long, dark corridor softly lit by candlelight and enter the sitting room, my eyes grow wide at the exquisite beauty of the space. The actual studio is reminiscent of a tree house sitting high up in a rainforest canopy. The room is made of dark wood, with an open door out to the garden and windows all the way around dressed in iron artistry. Glowing string lights hang carefully around the walls creating an ambient and meditative surrounding. During a practice, the wind blows gently through the palm trees and into the studio providing pleasant relief from the heat.

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Father’s Day on the Wings of a Butterfly

On a challenging bike ride up to Doi Suthep in the mountains outside the city of Chiang Mai, a bubbling well of emotion began spewing forth and its desire to purge itself from me was greater than my ability to control it. As I walked my broken bike up a steep hill in heaving sobs, a black butterfly with cobalt blue and cream speckled wings appeared, glided past me and grabbed my attention. He circled around and landed to the side of me. It was a pause. He was asking me to slow down, to catch my breath and to let the tears dry. He was also asking me to remember that the struggle is only half the journey. His soft landing on a wildflower was the calm and meditative place I could not find. Sit there and find the joy in the moment, he whispered. And as soon as I thought he had left my side, I turned and there he was once again. Thanks Dad for finding me in Thailand. You are loved and missed. Happy Father’s Day.