Who are YOU?

Who are YOU? Who are you in the moment that you stand still – the moment you stop doing, struggling and busying yourself?

I will tell you. I will tell you because what I see of YOU is infinitely clearer than what you see of yourself.

I see a spirit so vast and wide, it cannot be contained by all that tries to bind it.

Are YOU afraid of all that you see of yourself when you look in the dark shadowy corners? Are you unbearably afraid that the dark will drown out the light? Are you afraid of your SELF?

I see a heart busted wide open, spilling out an extraordinary amount of love and selflessness.

I see all of YOU, the beauty, the ugly, the fear, the brilliance, the self assuredness, the unassuming insecurity, the pain, the joy, the confusion, the terrifying feeling of laying vulnerable to the ridicule, rejection and abandonment of others and the need to give love and be loved in return. I see ALL of the perfect imperfection.

Who are you without the doing, struggling and busying yourself? STOP. PAUSE. Settle in for the discomfort of uncomfortableness. Lay open to the discovery of knowing the unknowing.

I see a wanderer, always restless and unsettled except for tiny moments of santosha. I see a desperation in seeking tranquility but uncertain how to still the fluctuations that envelop the mind. I see an artist, a poet, a lover, a giver, an outlaw, an inquisitive exquisite soul always thirsty and asking what’s next.

What is the doing, struggling and busying all for when everything can change in a moment? What does all of the doing, struggling and busying matter when tomorrow may never come? Every single moment matters. Waste not a moment. Ever.

I see a spontaneous leader emblazoning a path to joyous moments and filling everyone up with brightness, energy and laughter along the way while each new moment unfolds into the next.

Who are YOU? Can you look at who YOU are and revel in all of the perfect imperfection that shines forth? Can you stop the doing, struggling and busying and sit with yourself in stillness and know the beauty of your Self?

I am not you.

I am something like you.

I am nothing but you.

~ Douglas Brooks