Morning Light

Morning Light

The morning sun glistens, rays shining down through the trees directing nourishment to the earth.

Yellow leaves fall and flitter softly to the ground like the sound of raindrops, where they collect and snuggle one another before turning to a golden amber.

Shadows blanket the twinkling emerald color of new blades of grass. Above where, elms stand ever so tall and sturdy, limbs open and extending outward in all directions welcoming the warmth and beauty of the day.

The wind tickles the silky moss hanging from their branches, dancing a pirouette high in the sky, while billowy white cotton clouds pass by in the blue atmosphere like ships on a moving sea.

The sound of nature’s poetry. Birds singing in ecstatic anticipation of the brightness of a new day. Stillness is cultivated here. Silence renews. Calm embraces. And the cool breeze washes over and envelops me in love.


One thought on “Morning Light

  1. Michael McDowell says:

    All this Beauty … might have to close Our Eyes … and Slowly Open Wide!!! 🙂 ❤

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