Unquenchable Desires

Wandering Wanderer

Unquenchable desires

Born out of nowhere

In their possession they have no face and no name

A fire rages inside me

Paralyzing my ability to free me from myself

Unquenchable desires

A nagging sensation exists

Pulling my heart down into the dark, empty hollow of nothingness

Leave me alone

But I’m already there

Unquenchable desires

They permeate every cell in my being

I look into the wishing well

But all I see is a reflection of me

Lost innocence

My desires are unquenchable

I want the world

I want to understand the beauty and the pain

The trueness of life

Sustenance to calm my hungry soul

The no name whispers in my ear

I will never know satisfaction

Unquenchable desires

A desperate need to be understood

Sacrifice dreams and reality for anything

Enticing coming this way

Unquenchable desires

I will have everything I want

But nothing I desire

Forever has a greater chance of existing

Than quenching unquenchable desires


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